Russian Violets

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We are completely revamping our site.

All who've provided an email address will ne notified, once we have our website updated with all the new pictures and pricing. We grow and keep on hand at least 50 differently violet and streptocarpus varities. We have leaf, baby and mature plants available. Until our webpresence has been completely updated, please inquire as to the name of the one(s) you seek. We will respond with pricing and a picture.

A little about us.

We have been providing Russian and African violets, along with streps since 2002 and are now finally updating our site, to meet demand.

Presently, our plants are being shipped worldwide.

While our site is being revamped, should you have questions or be interested in a particualr variety, please send a message and we will respond quickly. You may click here.

In response to many inquiries, for the time being we will continue our package deal pricing, for multiple leaf purchase.

Russian Violets

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African Violets

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